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Copywriting Made Easy

You have probably heard it before. Copy is King. When it comes to advertising, there is nothing in this universe so powerful as words. The right word. The right time. The right place. Written persuasively, words can help you attract attention, address a problem, provide the solution, convey your message and close the deal.

Effective copy should tell a story to the customer. If you are selling something, the copy should paint a picture of how your product will help the customer and make their job easier. Using photos, graphs or other visual aids is also a good way to further illustrate your message. Product in-use photography is especially effective because it connects to the customer on a personal level. Customers see themselves in the role of the product user and can relate to the challenges portrayed in the photograph. While these types of images capture the browsing customer’s attention, it is your copy that provides the call to action and helps to close the deal.

Details make all the difference. When writing copy to sell a product, make a list of all the product’s features. Next consider what problem each feature solves and the benefit if offers the end user. Develop your story by envisioning the challenges of the industry you serve and how your product can make your customer’s job easier, faster and more profitable. Give them specifics and empathize with their struggles. Just as you would if you were sitting in front of them, let your customer know that you care.

Sales copy aside, there are many other ways to show your customer that you appreciate their business. Just as you would talk candidly with them in person, you can use your copy to offer expert advice and money-saving tips to help them succeed in their own business. This type of value-added copy is a great way of telling without selling, giving the customer real information they can use.

Great copy is simple, direct and doesn’t keep you guessing. It clearly states the message, and communicates your offer without confusing the reader. Focus on the power of every word you write, making sure to squash ambiguity anytime it raises its confusing head. Read and re-read your copy before publishing and be sure that the message conveyed is the one you intended. Be prepared to rewrite your copy several times until you get it just right. Don’t be discouraged, writing is like exercise, the more you practice the easier it becomes.