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How To Craft a Headline That Customers Can’t Resist

The secret to writing great headlines is to make your target audience care about what you have to say.That’s it, pretty much. Whether your message is something they agree with or not, your headline must grab your targeted customer’s attention, pique their curiosity, and transform their attitude from indifference to incredulous in just a few seconds. After all, a few seconds is all it takes for a reader to decide whether a headline interests them or not. That’s why your headline must be so good and so powerful that your customer just can’t resist reading more.

Headlines like the ones below address certain audiences and offer solutions to specific concerns.

Stop Tossing and Turning and Finally Get A Good Night’s Sleep With The Best Pillow On The Market

Convert Browsing Customers Into Buying Customers With This One Little Tip

10 Smart Ways To Eliminate Food Waste And Increase Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line

Six Ways To Increase Employee Production

With Over A Billion Websites Competing For Traffic, There’s Only One Way To Drive Customers Straight To Your Site

Did you notice the similarities in the headlines even though they pertained to different subjects? The traits all of these have in common is the ability to pique curiosity, lend a bit of disbelief to the claim and offer a ray of hope that by reading the article, one might indeed be able to solve their present problem with the solution that is offered.

Avoid headlines that are tricky, confusing or incomplete. Trendy headlines that come off as an inside joke usually fall flat. Steer away from clever headlines that require reading your entire piece to be understood. People use headlines as a guide to tell them whether the copy is something they will be interested in. With all the competing messages online and offline,  you want your message to stand out from the crowd. It is vital that you create an irresistible headline that beckons your targeted audience to stop and read more.

Before choosing your winning headline, be prepared to write at least 30 different ones. I know it probably sounds like a whole lot of writing, but it’s the secret many professionals who write great copy use when crafting those award-winning headlines that sell. You might be surprised at how much your headline changes as you write and rewrite those titles. But don’t throw away the non-winners, those words could be perfect for a different project.

Lastly, don’t forget the power of the sub-headlines and even the area above the headline. These sentences and short paragraphs attract the eye and will get noticed more often than you think. People will usually scan the article or advertising piece for the sub-heads, only stopping on those areas that have the hook to snare them in. You can capture their attention by using different fonts and styles to set off these snippets of copy, making them more enjoyable to read.