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Business Desk Concept

Educate Your Customers with Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to educate your customers on the value of your products and services. This marketing technique, which involves creating and distributing high-quality, value-added content, is more likely to attract and help you acquire your ideal customer than traditional sales ads and promotional hype.

Content marketing is being used by 86% of businesses today. However, only a portion of these businesses are using content marketing effectively. Mostly because the content they choose to publish is more of a boring advertisement for their business rather than providing content the prospective buyer is actually searching for.

The first rule of content marketing is to create content that interests your target audience. Writing about topics that your customers want to know about is the best way to gain trust as an expert in your field. Customers expect the company they buy from to be knowledgeable about the industry it serves. Content marketing offers a tremendous opportunity to share important facts with your target audience, because there are certain things you have learned through experience that aren’t taught in a traditional culinary class.

Now that you have a whole library of topics buzzing about in your head, you can see how easy it will be to create the kind of content your customers will rush to your site to read. Writing good content is a great start, but before you spend valuable time creating content on one topic and then another, stop and consider your overall content marketing strategy.

Developing a content marketing strategy will allow you to measure the success of the content you are offering. Build a plan and decide whether you will be posting content daily, weekly or monthly. As a rule, be consistent, your customers are counting on your expertise and will appreciate your commitment.

Coordinate your topic with seasonal purchases or current events. For instance, creating a blog about outdoor dining furniture or poolside drinkware might be more interesting if published during spring or early summer. Adding colorful images like a sparkling pool, refreshing beverages or groups of happy people gathering for dinner are perfect accompaniments to these types of articles, too.

Introduce a new product line more effectively with content marketing. Blogs are a great way to educate your customer, create desire and enhance anticipation before releasing a new product line. With the proper timing of your articles, you can discuss a problem, empathize about the effects it has on business, build the need for a solution, and become the expert your customer trusts to deliver the best product.