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Create An Attention-Getting Catalog Cover

If you really want customers to browse through your catalog, create a cover that grabs their attention. We all know that the most important page of your catalog is the cover. That’s because the cover is the first thing your customer sees when deciding whether to keep the catalog or throw it into the trash. So how do you go about creating an attention-getting catalog cover that entices the customer to look inside?

First of all, the cover should be a reflection of what the catalog promises to deliver, and it should be relevant and meaningful to your target audience. Secondly, it must possess its own unique style in order to stand out from the rest of the circulars that arrive in the mail.

Be careful of how you attract attention, though. The cover should “stand out” without offending or scaring off potential readers. Avoid putting too many product pictures on the front cover as this can make it look too busy. Strive for simplicity. One nice image is usually enough, although using a few images can work out okay, depending on the style of your design.

Unless you are working on a rainbow image, limit the number of colors for the graphics on your cover. Two or three colors are usually enough. Keep in mind that the colors you choose should complement the images you use on your cover.

Most of the time a simple design works best. One cool image, a few colors that go well with the image and some attractive typography are the best elements to use when designing a really good looking cover. Don’t forget about typography, it plays a big role in design. In fact, you can create a nice, attractive cover with the use of typography alone.

Designing an attention-getting catalog cover is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Pick the best image, illustration or typography that best reflects the catalog’s contents.
  2. Select a display text with a few colors that can be used on the cover and throughout the inside pages of your catalog, too.
  3. Make your message pop, without making the cover too busy. Customers should be attracted to your cover. Keep in mind that they don’t need lots of information on the outside of the catalog to convince them to look inside. Your pertinent contact information can be displayed on the back cover or inside pages.


This article was written with contribution from Rade Stjepanovic, one of our talented graphic designers. Check out some of his, and our other artists’, work in our Portfolio.