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Launch Your New Product Successfully

Developing a new product is often costly both in terms of money and time spent. That’s why it is equally important to consider how you will launch your new product to your customers. For a healthy bottom line you must plan your product launch.

Whether you’re launching something huge, something small, or you’re updating a current offering, you’ll want to start your preparation well in advance of the launch date. This includes nailing down your positioning and messaging, sharing that with your sales teams, listing out all the launch activities, creating assets and content, and preparing everyone involved in the product launch.

The best way to launch a product is to focus on your customer, not the product. Your product was developed to help your customer in some way. Focus on how your product will improve the life of the person who buys it. Refine your product narrative to focus on the most valuable features of the new product. Your message needs to be persuasive, simple and unique. It needs to communicate what your product actually does and communicate its value.

That’s how you have to build your marketing campaign. Don’t just talk about what your product does or why it’s superior; paint them a compelling picture of how it’s going to make their life better. That’s what gets people excited.

Consider sending an eBlast several weeks ahead of your product launch. Build anticipation by following up with an eBlast each week or every 10 days prior to launch day. Remember, your eBlasts should be short and impactful so as to be read on any device. Make sure all of your eBlasts are formatted to work on the tiniest screens.

Don’t forget about training your sales team. It may take a while before all your salespeople feel comfortable with your new product, so it’s important to arm them with amazing sales collateral that they can freely hand out to their customers. You can also join them on their calls, explaining the benefits and pitching the product in a way that sounds completely natural. This type of interaction helps ensure everyone is on board for a successful product launch.

You’re sure to reach a lot of people with your launch, but it usually takes several contacts before someone is convinced to take action. This means you have to continue to send eBlasts, offer free trials and demos. Make regular visits to your customers, especially those who have purchased your product. Satisfied customers are your best form of credibility, and a sure way of making your product launch a success.