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A collection of some of our favorite designs from CFI past. Visit our portfolio to see the great concepts we’ve recently completed!

Cambro | Winter 1997

At the intersection of classic art, 90’s color schemes, and foodservice lives this pointillism-themed #tbt. Our designers love getting to do artistic projects like this!

Cambro Cover

Keith Kitchen Essentials | July 2016

Here is another great food safety themed flyer #tbt for Food Safety Month, highlighting products that help maintain high safety standards from the front to the back of the house.

Keith Kitchen Essentials Cover

san jamar | 2016

In honor of Food Safety Month, this #tbt is a gorgeous flyer that highlights products for food safety from the front to the back of house.

san jamar food safety cover

Bensinger’s | Spring 1996

This throwback featuring essential counter equipment is another great example of classic products that never go out of style…and another with that distinctive 90’s vibe.

Bensinger's Cover

Allen Foods, Inc. | Summer 1994

Bright ideas from ’94 in this colorful, hi-watt piece highlighting some great deals. Gotta love that clip art! This flyer was published in the Summer of 1994.

Allen Foods Supplies Cover

Asheville Showcase | Summer 1990

This flyer featuring way-back graphic Wayfarers and festive imagery dropped in the summer of 1990.

Asheville Showcase

Continental | Summer 1997

Fresh from the summer of ’97 we present this graffiti-inspired flyer full of back of the house essentials.

This flyer was published in the Summer of 1997.

Continental Cover

Buckelew’s | Spring 1996

From the land of pagers, grunge, Nintendo, and the .com boom comes this totally rad flyer. Loving that color scheme. It’s also pretty neat that, 20 years later, those same products are still available. Certain items are simply classics that will never go out of style, even if there have been upgrades over the years. As they say, don’t fix what isn’t broken!

This flyer was published in the Spring of 1996.

Buckelew's Cover

Huey Philip | Fall 1985

What a difference 29 years of graphic design technology and aesthetics makes.

This flyer was published in the Fall of 1985.

P.S.- Check out our awesome owner/model showing off the pan rack and kitchen supplies!

Huey Philip Cover
Huey Philip inside page
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