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A Thanks to Our Valued Partners

Dear Valued Partner,


Since last spring, we have all been tested in ways we could not have imagined—personally and professionally. Celebrations, gatherings, travel, and sharing time with people we care about have taken on a new meaning and will be experienced and cherished in a new way going forward. I know I feel a new appreciation for my employees, my customers, my friends, and my family.


I am looking forward to this new year, and I hope that you share our optimism that 2021 will be filled with new opportunities. Together, we will continue to find solutions and search for innovative ways to reach your customers.


Thank you for your support and partnership over the years, and especially through this last one. CFI Marketing is here and ready to help conquer whatever challenges may come, and propel you to new possibilities.


We have clients coast-to-coast and we certainly understand that everyone’s individual experiences have varied greatly during this time. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at mindy@cfimkt.com or (904) 256-4481 as I would love to hear more about your unique story.

Mindy Harwood Signature

Mindy Harwood
President, CFI Marketing