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Print and Digital

A Partnership for Success: Print + Digital

The best way to maximize the impact of your sales flyers is by using a multi-channel approach. Meet your customers where they are—for some, that means a flyer delivered to their door, while others prefer to browse on their favorite device. Print and digital work together to reach more customers and generate sales.

Try these strategies to reach customers with your print flyers.

The Mailbox Intrigue

Launch a direct mail campaign to existing or future customers. No need to panic if you don’t already have a customer mailing list—there are many options to purchase a list that targets a specific region or demographic.

The Conversation Starter

Encourage your sales team to hand out flyers as a conversation starter or as a leave behind. Paired with a business card, a flyer can ensure your customer chooses you over your competition.

The POS Display

Entice customers to browse for future purchases with an eye-catching flyer they can grab while checking out in your store.

The Upsell

Include a flyer with every shipment to ensure customers have you in mind the next time they need to place an order.

Print and Digital Marketing

Next, reinforce your brand messaging by distributing your digital flipbook.

The Homepage

Give customers easy access to your flipbook directly from your website. This can be a link on your main page or as a pop-up to generate leads.

The Social Link

Share your flipbook link on social media to generate content and spark conversation. You can even share just a single page, a whole section, or highlight an exciting product listing. Make sure you post frequently as well as vary what you post to ensure your followers see your content and that it grabs their attention.

The Digital Mailbox

Email your flipbook directly to your customers’ inboxes to keep them up-to-date on the latest sales and products.

The Team Meeting

Your flyers are an important tool for your sales team. Email them internally to keep everyone up to date on current products and promotions.

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