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Avoid These Messaging & Design Mistakes While Social Distancing

I was watching a movie recently (from the comfort of my own couch, of course) and the unthinkable happened…a character picked up a pen and put it in his mouth. Gasp! After weeks of social distancing, diligent hand washing, and wiping down groceries with disinfectant, this made me cringe. It really made me think about how “normal” imagery can now have a negative impact on the viewer.

In the spirit of making mindful choices, I’ve rounded up some tips to help ensure cringe-free marketing messaging & design during this period of social distancing.


Create An Attention-Getting Catalog Cover

If you really want customers to browse through your catalog, create a cover that grabs their attention. We all know that the most important page of your catalog is the cover. That’s because the cover is the first thing your customer sees when deciding whether to keep the catalog or throw it into the trash. So how do you go about creating an attention-getting catalog cover that entices the customer to look inside?READ MORE